Sunbury School of Music

Bass Guitar

Looking for Lessons With a Bass Guitar Teacher in Sunbury?

We cater for each students needs depending on their level and their personal interests.

  • Levels: Beginners and upward
  • Age: 11 Years and upward
  • Style: Rock, Pop, Country, Folk
  • Lesson type: Individual
  • Location: Sunbury

Whatever your style of music, you need a teacher that can show you the right techniques. Our bass lessons will include the following areas:

  • How to read music
  • Slaping and popping
  • All about scales and arpeggios
  • Creating walking bass lines
  • Sight Reading
  • Music Theory
  • Aural tests
  • Exam preparation for AMEB, ANZCA

We can also take you through bass guitar exams with a syllabus that includes modern music like Led Zepplin, Black Sabbath and Deep Purple, providing you with a thorough grounding in correct techniques while playing music that you like.

For instructions on replacing bass guitar strings, click here: replacing bass guitar strings.

Our classes are on weekdays, during the daytime or evening, and on Saturday mornings. So if you are looking for a teacher, please make an online enrolment enquiry or call 0497 273 948 for further information.

Bass Guitar Student