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Kindermusik ® at Sunbury School of Music

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Sunbury School of Music offers early learning Kindermusik ® music classes for babies, toddlers and preschool levels as an ideal introduction to music. Kindermusik is the world’s leading provider of music-based classes for children from birth through to age seven. Kindermusik is music-making with a purpose. Early learning of music and movement impacts your child’s brain and body development in a way few other learning methods can.

Our Kindermusik program for 2018 has weekly Thursday classes starting 8th February. For babies and toddlers aged 1-2 yrs at 9:00am we have the 45 minute 'Sing and Play' class, a movement and music class with dancing and creative movement, learning about different sounds and echoing, bouncing in time, twirling scarves, learning songs and rhymes. Term 1 is 8 weeks for $140. More Info and Enrolment

For toddlers aged 2-3 yrs at 10:00am on Thursdays we have the 45 minute 'Wiggle & Grow' class, perfect for families with more than 1 child. Playing simple instruments like tap-sticks, triangles, whistles and tambourines, singing and moving along with music, to develop pre-reading and listening skills, creative problem solving and visual spatial skills. Term 1 is 8 weeks for $140.

For preschoolers aged 4-6 yrs at 4:00pm on Thursdays we have the 60 minute level 4 'Move & Groove' class which introduces more complex instrument play, group playing that involves taking turns and the use of musical symbols. All of which helps to lay the foundation for further music and school in a fun way. Term 1 is 8 weeks for $208.

All classes include complementary Kindermusik ® at Home downloadable songs, musical eBooks, educational videos and games. Individual music lessons and policies

Toddler playing music instrument

At Sunbury School of Music we recognise the benefits of starting music classes as an early learning opportunity for babies, toddlers and preschoolers to inspire a love of music and a desire to continue instrumental music lessons through the school years. So we offer Kindermusik classes as an entry point into our music school and a seamless transition from preschool music into experimenting with easy music instruments before settling on an instrument for lessons in primary school.

Contact us for more information and to register your interest in a baby, toddler or preschool Kindermusik ® music class with Miss Catherine.