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Keyboards, digital Pianos and Pianos
How do I choose?

The question as to whether to choose a Keyboard, Digital Piano or a real Piano, depends on many factors. To start with there are the important factors like your budget, storage space and your childs stage of progress. Also remember that a real piano requires regular tuning and maintenance while keyboards and digital pianos are always in tune.

Additionally you might want to consider the following factors:

  • If you are looking at keyboards, get one that has 61 keys (a piano has 88).
  • Get a keyboard that has full size keys so that your child will develop the correct hand stretch and easily swap to a real piano at their piano lessons.
  • Check if the keyboard has a built-in metronome and headphone socket.
  • Keyboards may also have optional touch response so that it can be played loud or soft depending on how firmly the keys are pressed.
  • Digital Pianos: In addition to the keyboard features above, Digital Pianos can have weighted keys so that they match the feel of a piano, and also have more realistic piano sounds.

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